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Welcome to our new forum! Here you will find everything that you found on our Discord and a bit more! If you're in need of support then we suggest you make a ticket from the Support hub or if you believe it can be solved by another member then feel free to post it in General Discussion. Please read all of our News, Announcements and Rules before you start posting. 


  • Rules

    • Hacking, bragging about hacking, making people think you hack will result in a permanent ban.
    • Racism will result in a permanent ban.
    • Stream Sniping is considered cheating and will result in a permanent ban.
    • Keeping real world loot in any place other than your base will forfeit your loot and result in a ban for the rest of the wipe. 
    • Do not call hackers out in chat, use our live support or ticket system to report them to us as soon as possible. 
    • Do not ask for admin in chat. Use the support forums.

SwiftGames.org Rust Community Server


  1. SwiftGames.org RUST SERVER Discord   (56 visits to this link)


    Server updates and Information 

  3. Announcements

    News and Updates

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  5. General Discussion

    Keep it Civil 

  6. Featured Streamers

    These are streamers that have mentioned our server in their live stream. 

  7. Clan Recruitment

    Create a Clan Recruitment Thread and Share your Discord information here.

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  8. The Pit

    Shit talk, Bash, Troll, Start a War

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  9. Server Feedback & Questions for the Admin

    Tell us what you think. 

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  10. Hack Report

    Report Hackers in this section only.

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