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  1. Penguin Actual

    √ Dank review √

    Well thanks for saying I am cool but I don't work here I am merely slave labor glad you enjoy it
  2. Penguin Actual

    Best VOIP for Gaming

    Hey thats cool he picked his screen name to match his brain
  3. Penguin Actual

    Best VOIP for Gaming

    Mumble for the win
  4. Penguin Actual

    Cool forum Avatars

    Who could?
  5. Penguin Actual

    Cool forum Avatars

    I like mine better
  6. Penguin Actual

    Awesome accounts

    Because facepunch is a bunch of cock waffling douche nozzle sucking cum sacks I was banned for some some innocuous bullshit. Swift games to the rescue got my account in 2 minutes, when I had a problem with the steam guard Doc personally helped me out and took care of me instantly. No ragrats would buy again