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  1. Fuggel

    We want your feed back on our Map.

    For now, 4k is enough i think. But out through the wipe, 4k actually gets a bit small after a while. Prob because i explore alot.
  2. Fuggel

    Best VOIP for Gaming

    Maybe i have to try Ventrilo and mumble. Can`t say i like ts and Discord is a joke, a bad one that is.
  3. Fuggel

    [WINNER] Rust Steam Account Contest

    Woop woop, atleast someone has winner luck Congratz uber911
  4. Fuggel

    Cool forum Avatars

    Nice, found some very nice stuff there. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Fuggel

    [ENDED] Rust Steam Account Contest

    So we who has done a testimonial is in?
  6. Fuggel

    Accounts and steamkeys

    I first tried to buy some accounts in other sites/places in my search of cheap and legit accounts, but i didn`t have any luck with that. I "accidentally" stumbled upon rocketr and swift games. I am glad i did, i am impressed by the customer service with these guys, for me they have been fast and reliable if i need any help with any of the accounts in any way. Good prices aswell, 10/10