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  1. DocShifty

    SwiftGames, No longer takes PayPal.

    As of July 20th 2018 SwiftGames will no longer be accepting PayPal as a form of payment. We have had nothing but problems with them from day one and have seperated ourselves from the constant headache of loss prevention with them. PayPal offers zero seller protection and that has caused many issues with them over the years. We will be moving to a system with better protection for ourselves and our customers. There are several options for us and we are deciding what system will best suit our needs. You can continue to purchase with us with Cryptocurrency only. This is temporary as we decide what company we will be using in the future. We officially recommend CoinBase for all of your Cryptocurrency needs. It is safe and easy to use. Thank you DocShifty Co-Owner, CMO, VP-Loss prevention
  2. DocShifty


    Weird You should see it.
  3. Follow the link to COINBASE earn free Bitcoin!
  4. DocShifty

    Support is now LIVE!!!!

    Our discord is now for Clan activities only! WOOT WOOT more play time for the Goons! At the bottom right hand corner of our site you will see a window. Just open it and chat with us.
  5. Clean Up Clyde by - Bungalo A retro style video game for PC that tries to capture and recreate the feel of the old 80's classic arcade games that some of us grew up with. Inspired by classic video games such as Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Dig Dug and many others comes the world of : Clean Up Clyde. Click Image to Donate! Clean Up Clyde will have you going through seven stages avoiding enemies and projectiles while you clean up a mess left by Roller Rosie (a young girl infatuated with our protagonist). Also, in classic arcade style, after beating the stages you will return to the original stage with slightly higher difficulty while you try to get a high score. CLICK HERE TO DONATE!
  6. Follow the link and read our FAQ on the subject. FAQ for changing email and password.
  7. DocShifty

    rust account buy email change

    All the info you need can be found here. https://forum.swiftgames.org/forum/86-faq/
  8. DocShifty

    HF Rep Fuck

    Everyone had their Rep reset on HackForums.net If this affected you as our customer pls let me know and I will give you your Rep back.
  9. DocShifty

    Discord Servers

  10. Hello SwiftGames members, Please read the FAQ on the requirements. Then post here with the info I need to get you into the correct group. https://forum.swiftgames.org/forum/5-rules-faq-news/
  11. DocShifty

    Best VOIP for Gaming

    Discord voice quality is ok, but it is the rules and shit that suck. They record everything. They ban you for talking about hacks or anything that break any TOS of any game. Even political discords have been shutdown. So if you just want voice. Ventrilo uses several different codex so the sound quality is good. TeamSpeak has a nice voice activation settings. Mumble I haven't used in a while but I know you can customize the skins and such. We have lost our Discord once already. So we will not be using it for support in the future. Live voice support will be TS, Vent or Mumble.
  12. DocShifty

    Best VOIP for Gaming

    Discord is trash.
  13. DocShifty

    Cool Stuff from the Net

  14. DocShifty

    A Review about swift games

    Google Translator का उपयोग न करने का प्रयास करें। यह अच्छा नहीं है।
  15. DocShifty

    Cool Stuff from the Net

    http://expandacraft.com/ Check out these cool pontoon boats.