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    Best VOIP for Gaming

    Discord is trash.
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    A Review about swift games

    Google Translator का उपयोग न करने का प्रयास करें। यह अच्छा नहीं है।
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    http://expandacraft.com/ Check out these cool pontoon boats.
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    i can's stop looking at it.
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    Pick one in the poll.
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    Welcome to the community. Sorry you had a bad experience with other sites. If you ever have a problem. Let our staff know ASAP.
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    Nice Link here for thousands of Avatars.
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    READ FIRST: Get the correct User Group!

    Your User Group is the most important part of your SwiftGames membership. It helps us prevent fraud It gets you rewards It gets you access to discounts It will determine the level of discount It gets you access to high level giveaways and contests It will can get you premium seller status at launch of our Global Marketplace. It will allow you to make money from your old accounts, game currency, and skins. Access to new software for ban evasion and prevention Your level of access to the site and its features are directly linked to your User Group What we need to determine your user group. We need to know how many purchases you have made with us. If you are not sure how many you have with us. Here is a list of ways to help us find your orders and ensure your account security. We need your paypal email. Your email you have made purchases with Your personal email Past order numbers from our old system if you have them. You must be signed up on these forums with no proxy or VPN Must have 2FA enabled We prefer that your email that you have signed up here with be the same that you use to make purchases and also match your PayPal email This helps us keep track of your orders Helps ensure you receive all promotional emails Will make sure all your support requests get to you Makes sure your products are delivered to you without interruption or sent to the wrong email Will help you achieve promotion to proper User Groups without any trouble or having to use support Open a support ticket and we will individually work with you to get you to the correct User Group.
  10. Complete Account Buyers Guide Introduction General Recommendations Buying a pre-Battle.net "unmerged account" Scroll Of Resurrection Buying a Battle.net account Transferring from Battle.net to Battle.net Mounts Pets Achievements Recall protection Introduction This guide in intended to help you as a perspective account buyer to fully understand what to ask for, what to anticipate and what is achievable. When purchasing any account it is important that you understand that the original account holder can always retrieve either the whole account or an individual character that was originally on an account. I have had situations where a whole battle.net has been taken back even after a name change, an individual account on a battle.net stripped and put under another battle.net, and individual characters taken from an account. This will always be a danger, and in some cases put your main account in jeopardy. However using the methods in this guide I have been able to protect my main account from any suspensions from Blizzard. Either through luck or good preventive action I cannot be sure General Recommendations First and foremost you need to fully understand what you are buying. Most commonly you have two types of accounts ‘unmerged’ and ‘merged/battle.net’. One could argue that a ‘merged/battle.net’ that has not been logged since Pre Patch 5.0.4 (August 28th 2012) could be separate, but I have not seen any advertised as such. Each has their own detailed sections in this guide, but in brief: Unmerged Accounts Inactive since a minimum of November 11th 2009 Must be attached to a Battle.net account Eligible for a Scroll of Resurrection Battle.net Account Minimum of 1 World of Warcraft account Maximum of 8 World of Warcraft accounts Eligible for a Scroll of Resurrection if inactive since March 4th 2012 The following information regarding the account is critical to maintaining its security. When buying an unmerged account it is unlikely you will be able to get any of this information, if you can do so. For a Battle.net account I would not recommend settling for any less, this will help you protect your account as best as possible. Account Name/email Account Password Security Question / Secret Answer CD Keys including expansions Two photo ID’s in the original account holder’s name. If there is an authenticator attached to the account make them remove it and add your own. If you have a smart phone you can add the app and protect the account in minutes. I also recommend adding the SMS protection; this will give you the heads up of any suspicious activity. Before going ahead with the deal think what is the minimum you will get out of it. At the most you might get an account for life, with no repercussions from the Blizzard or the original owner. At the worst you might get scammed buy the original account holder within a couple of days. It sucks getting scammed but you should anticipate the worst so you don't set yourself up for disappointment. Buying a pre-Battle.net ‘unmerged account’ Probably the safest and most popular account you can buy. At a minimum you know they haven’t been active since November 11th 2009, and therefore unlikely to be recalled by the original owner. As they haven’t been merged with a Battle.net account, you can add it to one in your own name for easy transferring of characters. The most important thing to remember about these accounts is that the mounts, pet and achievement earned by those characters have not been attached with a Battle.net account yet. And a character can be transferred between accounts and take all associated mount, pet and achievement of that character with it, as long as it has never been login the game since August 28th 2012. Only after logging the character for the first time will all the mount, pet and achievements be attached to the Battle.net it is on. These accounts are gambles, you have no idea what you're going to get and the price often reflects this. Some sellers were able to get some account history from an old official WoW website, such as 20/30/50+ month account history. These show they have a history that goes back as far as 50+ months; this could be a consistent monthly subscription, or just two 10 day trials 50 months apart. So buyer beware. Even though you can merge the pre-Battle.net World of Warcraft account to your own personal Battle.net account up to a maximum of 8 accounts per Battle.net, I would recommend creating a holding Battle.net account in the same name which you can easily transfer characters back and forth if you need to. The reason I do this is because especially US accounts have a high frequency of being locked and requiring ID to regain access. I have no idea how this reflects on the whole Battle.net but I prefer to avoid any potential flags on my personal account. Members on this forum have reported that accounts are locked or banned on a World of Warcraft license basis, not the entire Battle.net. It is also worth noting that a lot of people claim their account has been 'banned' when it has infact been locked. After you have merged the account with a Battle.net resist the earge to log the characters, this is critical if you have chosen to use a holding account or maxxed out you mother Battle.net account! (Remember all mount, pet and achievements will be attached to the Battle.net when the character is first logged in.) Through the Battle.net website you can check all the characters on the account in the Transfer section. Only basic information of level, class, race and realm are available. All transfers to World of Warcraft accounts or Battle.net accounts can be made through this site without needing to ever log the character. You can check the character's full inventory and achievement with this trick: Merge the WoW account, do not login, do not take the 10 day trial and do not boost a character to 80. Copy characters you want to check to a PTR realm. Log PTR realm to check the character's inventory, mounts, pets and achievements. Transfer the desired character to your other Battle.net account without ever logging it to a live realm. Scroll Of Resurrection Regardless of if you hit the jackpot with a level 60 decked out in full T3 or just a lowly level 10, all of these accounts are eligible for the Scroll Of Resurrection and all its perks. Many sellers will guide you on how to use this service, but by not excepting the automated prompt to level a character to 80, you can check if there is a character in the class you want. If not you can create one and then boost it to 80. Buying a Battle.net account When buying a Battle.net account a little research can go a long way ensuring you are not victim to a scam. Before payment ask for the characters Battle.net armory, do not settle for less. Masked armory is a good way for sites to ensure customer privacy from the public, but they are also obliged to you as a customer. Red Flags to look out for: Character Name / Race different on Battle.net Armory than Masked Armory Realm different on Battle.net Armory than Masked Armory Any recent log of activity Use some common sense when buying a Battle.net account; remember at a minimum they haven’t been played since November 11th 2009 when Blizzard required the merge to play. The most attractive accounts are also the most susceptible to being scams. Do some Google searches check that the account hasn’t been sold multiple times. Is it a Scarab Lord, Ateish wielding Mage? There probably isn’t many out there and cross referencing a few achievements dates can confirm any link to the character. Transferring from Battle.net to Battle.net To clarify one of the most common misconceptions; it is not possible to merge two Battle.net accounts period. What Blizzard can do on occasion is remove a WoW account from a Battle.net and put it on another. Anything linked from the WoW account to the Battle.net (mounts and pets,) will be stripped from the WoW account in the process. Essentially this is the same effect as just transferring a character from Battle.net to Battle.net on an account level. Since a Blizzard representative needs to initiate the movement of a WoW account from one Battle.net to another, I would never recommend it. Always use the automated character transfer, in order to use this service you need the following: Matching Surname only on both Battle.net accounts Secret Question Answer for the Battle.net you are transferring from. As previously mentioned if the account has been logged into after Patch 5.0.4 (August 28th 2012) the characters mounts and pets will have been collected at the Battle.net level, and moving the character or account will strip it of these items. There are some exceptions and tricks to try and get the most out of your transfer Mounts To quote Blizzard:” Battle.net account-wide pets and mounts will remain on the original Battle.net account. Characters transferred off a Battle.net account will lose access to that Battle.net account's account-wide pets and mounts, but will gain access to whatever pets and mounts are on the destination account. Note: Character-specific mounts such as the Warlock Dreadsteed, Paladin Charger, and Gladiator mounts will transfer with the character.” Character-specific mounts are as follows: Acherus Deathcharger Argent Charger Argent Warhorse Brutal Nether Drake Cataclysmic Gladiator's Twilight Drake Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm Dreadsteed Felsteed Furious Gladiator's Frost Wyrm Grievous Gladiator's Cloud Serpent Horn of the Vicious War Wolf Malevolent Gladiator's Cloud Serpent Merciless Nether Drake Prideful Gladiator's Cloud Serpent Reins of the Vicious War Steed Relentless Gladiator's Frost Wyrm Ruthless Gladiator's Twilight Drake Swift Nether Drake Summon Charger Summon Exarch's Elekk Summon Great Exarch's Elekk Summon Great Sunwalker Kodo Summon Sunwalker Kodo Summon Thalassian Charger Summon Thalassian Warhorse Summon Warhorse Tyrannical Gladiator's Cloud Serpent Vengeful Nether Drake Vicious Gladiator's Twilight Drake Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade Wrathful Gladiator's Frost Wyrm Pets Remember that you can cage some pets now; this allows them to be treated like an inventory item and will move with the character during transfer. You can also transfer with Collector’s Edition, Blizzcon and other promotional pets, BUT these do not automatically transfer with the character, the items that grant them can do though. Before the account-wide system these special pets were Bind to Battle.net account and could be mailed to all the characters on your account. Like caged pets these will persist as inventory items in the transfer. UPDATE: It now appears that newly created characters will NOT be sent all the Collector’s Edition, Blizzcon and other promotional pets when they are created. If the items that grants them is unused in inventory it can still be sent. Bind to Battle.net Pets are as follows: Zergling Leash Panda Collar Diablo Stone Blue Murloc Egg Pink Murloc Egg Netherwhelp's Collar Frosty's Collar Tyrael's Hilt Enchanted Purple Jade Mini Thor Lil' Deathwing Fetish Shaman's Spear Baneling Lurky's Egg Fortune Coin Lil' Tarecgosa Baby Blizzard Bear Onyxian Whelpling If the items that grant them are not in the inventory, you won’t be able to retrieve them. In the case of Lil' Tarecgosa if your guild has access to this reward you can purchase it and transfer with it. Achievements Achievements are bound to a character, and any that have been earnt by that character will transfer with it. This includes achievements with account-wide progress, if all associated achievements have been completed by that character. Any Titles granted by achievements will also be transferred, other achievement rewards such as mounts and pets not in the character specific list will not. In completed achievements with account-wide progress will be reverted back to the individual characters progress (total quests, kills, gold). It is also worth noting that when the character that has earned an achievement is transferred, the achievement still persists for the rest of the account, and the titles/rewards are still accessible for the whole account. For instance it is possible for a character with a Realm First! FoS and title to be transferred between two Battle. Net accounts, and both accounts to have access to the title and have the FoS. Recall Protection After following all the instruction in the General section you going to make the account as secure as it can be, but never 100% recall proof. Ultimately the original account owner will always have the opportunity of recalling the account back to their name, and in some cases the individual characters that might have been moved away for the account. I have had characters removed from my personal account after years of having them that originated from another account. There are some steps you can take to get the most out of the account even if it’s recalled, and generally make the whole recall process much harder for the original owner. Firstly I would recommend transferring the main character/s to your main account, bearing in mind what can and cannot transfer should have influenced the purchase in the first place. The characters rewards can then be added to your own Battle.net. If the purchased account is a Battle.net account it is likely the Surnames do not match, and you can’t transfer. You can try buying a renaming service. I would recommend the following method: Create a new Battle.net in the same Surname as the Battle.net of character you want to transfer. But for the first name make something stupid but not too offensive like, Zombie, Dr, Derp. Something that is not a real first name. Add a WoW account to the appropriate expansion level. Transfer the character to the new battle.net with the fake first name. Use the above form to request a Battle.net name change to your own, attach all the appropriate documents. Blizzard should see it’s not a genuine first name and process the change. Adding a note saying something like: “I didn’t know my name would appear in the battle.net friends list, so I used an avatar. It’s a bit embarrassing and a friend told me it could be difficult authenticate the account if something happened” If all goes well you now have a character on an account in your own name! If not you have the peace of mind that it is off the original account for now should the account be recalled. Even with this extra layer of transfer there is still a digital paper trail, and if the original account owner is persistent enough and gets Blizzard they can still get the character back. For this reason after all the rewards have been populated to my main Battle.net account I transfer the character away again to try and protect my main account as much as possible. Ask yourself what mounts, pet and achievements would persist anyway if the character was transferred again, and if it’s worth keeping on your account after that. Another method would make it so Blizzard won’t even want to take the original account owners calls anymore. Once you have everything you want off the original WoW account/ Battle.net you can attempt to have the original owners account permanently banned. After that if anyone calls, no matter how many previous owners it’s had, Blizzard won’t precede with any action on the account. Imagine how many times they heard the excuse that a permanently banned account claimed to been ‘hacked’. Right? Hope this guide helps you in your buying, selling, and trading.
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    Make your requests for a new In-Game-Currency section here please. Just name your game.
  12. What are member groups and what they mean to you as of 5/7/2018 The member group system will determine: Your access to specials, sales, giveaways, and discounts. Your level of forum access. Curtain sections are only available to higher level members. When you can change the details of your accounts that you have purchased with SwiftGames. Here is the list of our current member groups and instructions on how to become each level of membership. As well as the limitations of each member group. Registered: Signed up with confirmation for our Forum. Your forum access is extremely limited. Member: Have placed an order with Swiftgames. Your order could have been with our old system or Rocketr. Your forum access is limited and you must wait 120 days in order to make any changes to any accounts you have purchased with SwiftGames. Loyal: To become a Loyal member you must have placed at least 2 orders with SwiftGames with 1 being 90 days old or have 1 purchase with cryptocurrency. In order to change the details of your accounts that you have purchased your wait is 90 days. Your forum access is slightly limited. Silver: To become a Silver member you need at least 5 purchases with 1 of the orders being older than 90 days or have 2 purchase with cryptocurrency. In order to change the details of your accounts that you have purchased your wait is 30 days. Your forum access is almost unlimited. Gold: To become a Gold member you need at least 9 purchases with 1 of the orders being older than 90 days or if you have 5 purchases with cryptocurrency. You have zero forum limitations. SwiftGoon: You must first be a Gold member. Then you must fill out an application. Once accepted you will have the same forum access as Gold with a few more perks.
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    It is now law
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    I like it. Very well done.
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    Our Trust Pilot https://www.trustpilot.com/review/swiftgames.org