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  1. DocShifty

    Server Rules

    1.Racism & Bigotry SwiftGames.org has zero-tolerance for any form of racism on our servers. Do not type it in chat, do not draw it on a sign, and do not say in voice chat. 2. Personal Attacks, Personal Information, and Doxing SwiftGames.org has zero-tolerance for the doxing or sharing of information of other players. Sharing pictures of another player or their family without their permission is prohibited. Referring to another player by their real-life (IRL) name without their permission. Sharing another player's personal information such as their name, age, location, employment, social media profiles, or these same things about a family member of a player. No personal attacks directed at another player that involve their life outside of the game. No harassment directed at a player outside of the game. 3. Hacking, Cheating, Exploiting (This is obvious.) Hacking, bragging about hacking, making people think you hack will result in a permanent ban. Groups caught harboring hackers or ban evaders will be banned along with the hacker themselves. DO NOT play with known cheaters. Do not cry hacks in chat. This greatly reduces our chances of catching the accused. Do not spam any channel with "admin!" in Discord. You will be muted or banned. All reports should be sent through our Report Form. This will alert all of the online admins allowing us to look into it. 4. Excessive Toxicity Normal Rust game play is acceptable, griefing, taunting, trolling are ok, just don't take it to the extreme and force the admin to get involved. 5. Stream Sniping This is on a case by case basis and the burden of proof is on the streamer. We will watch your stream and we will spectate the accused. Stream sniping is very hard to prove, but we treat it as hacking or exploiting. 6. Spam Do not spam in chat. If you are reported enough for it the admin will take action to mute you or ban you.
  2. REDRAGON MOUSE GIVEAWAY! How to Enter, How it Works & Rules Play on the server Swiftgames.org - BATTLEFIELD - BOOMBOTS IP: Your Steam ID will be collected and you will be entered into the contest. Be watching WUGTI and LUCROAN on TwitchTV to find out if you have won. Watch the streams for the announcement of event date. You can be entered up to 3 times! Rules are simple: Must have played on the server between 11/17/2018 and end of contest to get a single entry. Must be on the server playing during the event to be entered twice. Must be a follower of LUCROAN or WUGTI on TwitchTV to be eligible. (Links will be at the bottom.) Must follow all normal server rules. Steam Account must not be private. If a private profile is drawn another will be picked until we have a legit winner. Contest is will be collecting player data from 11/17/2018. Contest ending will be announced during the Streams. The Prizes: 1st Prize Your Choice of: REDRAGON M902 SAMSARA 16400 DPI HIGH-PRECISION PROGRAMMABLE LASER GAMING MOUSE FOR PC REDRAGON M901 PERDITION PROGRAMMABLE MMO RGB LED MICE, 24000 DPI, LASER HIGH PRECISION SENSOR, WEIGHT TUNING SET, 18 BUTTONS M902 SAMSARA M901 PERDITION 2nd Prize: Hand painted miniature RUST furnace! Small scale RUST furnace with flickering light by SWIFTGAMES TOYS INC Perfect for every RUST fan. Fits right on your desk!
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  5. What is the craziest place you have found some of our special loot? What did you find and where?
  6. DocShifty

    Help boost our population!

  7. DocShifty

    Uber Loot Tables

    The last 48 hours of the wipe shops will the erected by the admin to collect looted item from players. A safe zone will be put in place to ensure that you are able to redeem your items unmolested. = 1 Random Steam Key = 2 Random Steam Keys = 1 $5.00 Steam Gift Card = 1 $5.00 Amazon Gift Card = 1 Smurf Steam Account
  8. DocShifty

    Lucroan -Twitch - SwiftGames Server Sponsor!

    OMG REKT This video is awesome!
  9. SERVER IP: We are making the change to a Hapis weekly wipe server by request. Hidden around the map are vouchers for Steam Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Game Keys, & Game Accounts! You will need to explore, build, and protect yourself while you search. Others will be searching too. Each week more vouchers will be added. Voucher are REAL WORLD LOOT and must be kept protected in your base. Use our live support to tell the admin when you have looted an item and are safe inside your base. These are now very rare items and more will be added for events. = 1 Random Steam Key = 1 $5.00 Amazon Gift Card = 1 Smurf Steam Account
  10. DocShifty

    Lucroan -Twitch - SwiftGames Server Sponsor!

  11. DocShifty

    BodyRot420 - Twitch

    Coming back to streaming after a break.
  12. DocShifty

    SlackerDan - Twitch

    Thanks Dan. Glad you surfed on in to check us out.
  13. DocShifty

    ImaPoob - Twitch/Youtube

    Great guy I have played on the same server many times. Always an entertaining part of the server he is on.