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Welcome to our new forum! Here you will find everything that you found on our Discord and a bit more! If you're in need of support then we suggest you make a ticket from the Support hub or if you believe it can be solved by another member then feel free to post it in General Discussion. Please read all of our News, Announcements and Rules before you start posting. 


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Server Rules

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1.Racism & Bigotry

  • SwiftGames.org has zero-tolerance for any form of racism on our servers.
  • Do not type it in chat, do not draw it on a sign, and do not say in voice chat.

2. Personal Attacks, Personal Information, and Doxing


  • SwiftGames.org has zero-tolerance for the doxing or sharing of information of other players. 
  • Sharing pictures of another player or their family without their permission is prohibited.
  • Referring to another player by their real-life (IRL) name without their permission.
  • Sharing another player's personal information such as their name, age, location, employment, social media profiles, or these same things about a family member of a player.
  • No personal attacks directed at another player that involve their life outside of the game. 
  • No harassment directed at a player outside of the game.


3. Hacking, Cheating, Exploiting (This is obvious.)

  • Hacking, bragging about hacking, making people think you hack will result in a permanent ban.
  • Groups caught harboring hackers or ban evaders will be banned along with the hacker themselves. DO NOT play with known cheaters.
  • Do not cry hacks in chat. This greatly reduces our chances of catching the accused.
  • Do not spam any channel with "admin!" in Discord. You will be muted or banned.
  • All reports should be sent through our Report Form. This will alert all of the online admins allowing us to look into it.

4. Excessive Toxicity 

  • Normal Rust game play is acceptable, griefing, taunting, trolling are ok, just don't take it to the extreme and force the admin to get involved. 

5. Stream Sniping

  • This is on a case by case basis and the burden of proof is on the streamer. We will watch your stream and we will spectate the accused. Stream sniping is very hard to prove, but we treat it as hacking or exploiting. 

6. Spam

  • Do not spam in chat. If you are reported enough for it the admin will take action to mute you or ban you. 

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